de Buyer - Isothermal container with dispenser lid

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de Buyer - Isothermal container with dispenser lid

de Buyer - Isothermal container with dispenser lid - Isothermal container with flush-mounted covered dispenser. Option to fit a standard lid.
Distribution of hot or cold liquids in a supine position and in compliance with hygiene standards. The containers' stainless steel interiors enable spotless cleaning. These containers are available in two shades: Sandy or NATO green. The containers are stackable.
Option to fit a dispenser lid. Hygiene: double stainless steel 18/10 lining, which allows for perfect cleaning, with possible use of disinfectant or high pressure steam jet. Can be sterilised.

  • The stainless steel interior does not retain food odours or colours.
  • Thermal insulation provided by polyurethane foam, CFC-free, injected at 38 kg/m3.
  • High resistance to impact.
  • Durable and extremely robust container.
  • 2 sizes: 16 L and 25 L
  • Ø 42 cm
  • Patented Bi-material construction of body and lid: st. steel inside, polyethylene outside

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