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de Buyer - Knife Sharpener Diamond Cams 2

de Buyer - Knife Sharpener Diamond Cams 2 - is perfect for all regular blades of any brand, except single bevel blades.


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Product number: 21318
Manufacturer: de Buyer
Manufacturer number: 4290.01
Product information "de Buyer - Knife Sharpener Diamond Cams 2"

A simple and efficient tool: Slide your knife back and forth through the Diamond Cams until it gets its sharpness back!

  • For everyday sharpening, slide the knife through gently
  • To sharpen dull blades, slide the knife more forcefully and deeply through the diamond-coated section of the tool.

To hone a knife simply and quickly, achieving a professional result, without any specific skills. The dual-function DIAMOND CAMS provide near-perfect sharpening and honing.

  • L 20 x  W 10,5 x H 7,5 cm
  • Simple to use: swipe your blade down and back through the Diamond Cams until it is sharp!
  • Swipe lightly for razor sharp daily honing
  • Swipe hard and deep for resharpening worn knives through the diamond coated section of Cams.
  • Quickly and easily resharpens all knives
  • Professional results with no skills
  • Patent Pending DIAMOND CAMS TM
  • dual stage cams 15-20° sharpen and hone to perfection
  • Developed by master knife engineer Mark Henry working at de Buyer company, France

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