Culinaris - Seasoning service

Culinaris - Seasoning service - Let us burn in your purchased iron pans for you with the culinaris´s seasoning service.


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

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It is important that your iron pan (uncoated only) is free of all residues. We will be happy to do the cleaning for you.
Product number: 7234
Manufacturer: Culinaris
Product information "Culinaris - Seasoning service"

Iron pans need to be seasoned before the first use. Use our seasoning service and save the effort at home. During seasoning, a film is applied to the surface of the iron pan by oil and heat. This creates a non-stick layer, which has less non-stick effect than Teflon or ceramic, but is much more durable and easy to renew.

the branding costs € 15.00, the return cost are according to your country of delivery.

IMPORTANT: Please download the attached document here, fill in the required information and send it to us with your selected iron pans and a copy of your order confirmation.

It is also important that your iron pan (only uncoated) is free of all residues. Gladly we can do the cleaning for 5,00 € extra for you.


Please send your pan at your expense to:


Culinaris Logistikzenturm


Steinbachweg 8

04158 Leipzig


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