de Buyer - Moul'flex Pro Krystal - 96 mini hemispherical

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de Buyer - Moul'flex Pro Krystal - 96 mini hemispherical moulds

Moul’flex Pro Krystal tray of  96 mini hemispherical moulds (Ø 3,5 cm), perfect for making decorations, glazed petit fours, inserts…
Can be heated for baking cakes.

  • 60 x 40 cm -1,1 cl - Ø 3,5 cm
  • Transparent mould - enables you to see the different assembly stages of desserts, terrines...
  • External reinforcement for an excellent hold. Fully sealed for setting liquid preparations.
  • High quality silicone, guaranteed peroxide-free: supports temperatures from -40°C to +300°C.
  • Smooth inner surface: natural non-stick and easy turning out, no need to line with film, no bubbles for a perfect finish.
  • Goes in the deep-freezer, blast-chiller, oven, microwave oven and bain-marie.
  • Do not place under a grill. Do not use sharp objects on the tray.
  • Care : non-welded for perfect hygiene. Hand-washing recommended. Dishwasher-safe.
  • extreme temperatures  -40° and + 300 °C
  • Material: silicone

de Buyer - Moul'flex Pro

  • Guaranteed peroxide-free food grade silicone, special heavy duty.
  • Professional format 400 x 600 mm or GN 1/1 depending on the model.
  • Use in the oven or deep-freezer from -40 to + 300°C.
  • Heavy duty special food grade silicone.
  • Optimisation of the number of forms on each tray.
  • Reduction of cooking time thanks to the R’System® perforations.
  • R'System® patented system: localized perforations between the different forms on the tray, improving circulation of heat and cold, for:
  • A perfectly regular and uniform cooking over the entire tray.
  • A better taste, result of the cooking regularity and of the caramelisation.

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