de Buyer - ELASTOMOULE - 9 Cake portions mould

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de Buyer - ELASTOMOULE - 9 Cake portions mould

Elastomoule tray suitable for the simultaneous cooking of 9 individual cakes with sharp angles and authentic design. Can also be used for making fondants, savoury terrines, bread rolls, etc. It can be used for both hot preparations and cold forming, as with chocolate for example. For baking, it can only be used in a traditional oven. Place the tray on a rack or perforated baking tray for perfect heat convection. Each tray comes with a recipe card prepared by MOFs and/or Pastry World Champions. Do not use under a grill. Tip: wash by hand.

  • 300 x 20 x 3 cm - 10,5 cl
  • extreme temperatures  -70° and + 300 °C
  • Material: silicone
  • Elastomoules are non-stick

Elastomoule is a range of professional moulds made with an innovative silicone foam material and metal powder, which provides exceptional thermal properties. This de Buyer exclusive, patented system, caramelises juices perfectly, for better flavour. Elastomoules are non-stick, flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures (between -70° and + 300 °C). Whether they are used for traditional oven baking or cold forming, they provide perfect results thanks to their sharp angles, their neat ridge shapes and easy turning out.

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