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de Buyer - Mandoline VANTAGE - V-shaped blade

DE BUYER developed a new strong professional mandoline slicer made of stainless steel. La Mandoline Vantage – designed and made in France- has a V-shaped sharp blade integrated on its frame to cut all types of fruit/vegetable even the softest ones. The cutting thickness is djustable from  1 to 10 mm.  The new  ergonomic pusher enables a secure and pleasant grip. Practicat and compact, a storage box is provided for all accessories.

  • Complete Mandoline with slider and pusher
  • Steel frame with integrated horizontal V-shaped blade.
  • Folding rear foot.
  • Adjustable slice plate thickness 1-10 mm
  • 4 Julienne blades 2- 4 - 7 et 10 mm.
  • V-shaped blade guard for storage
  • Storage box for Julienne blades
  • Receptacle for vegetables / fruits
  • Ergonomic protective pusher
  • Easy cleaning - Made in France
  • L 50 x W 15 x H 20 cm


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