de Buyer - Pastry frame expandable

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de Buyer - Pastry frame expandable - Stainless steel

Adjust your size-make your cake-enjoy! Practical, its fixed notches allow to adjust the size of your preparation according to the number of your guests. Space saving guaranteed!

Expandable square or rectangular frame with sharp angles ideal for making mousse or cream based desserts, sponge cakes, Joconde biscuits..

  • Easy to use thanks to its innovative conception: setting and maintaining the size thanks to fixing notches located on the outer upper edge -> smooth result; waterproof on a flat baking support.
  • Spring stainless steel frame : flexible and sturdy for easy mould release. Return always back to its original shape.
  • No oxidation when exposed to low temperatures.
  • Outer graduation.
  • Use for freezer, deep freezer, blast chiller, refrigerator, oven.
  • Do not use with liquid preparations.
  • Care: dishwasher-safe.
  • Material: stainless steel - 0,8 mmTraditional oven cooking (max. 220°C)

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