de Buyer - Round tart ring - height 2 cm

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de Buyer - Stainless steel round tart ring - height 2 cm

These rings with solid sides are designed for making pies and quiches. Simply place the ring directly on the baking tray, line it and prepare your tart. Once it is baked, turn it out by carefully pulling the ring upward. An outer end-to-end welded seam closes the ring, making it leak-proof. The inner surface of the ring is therefore perfectly smooth for flawless results. These rings are made with spring stainless steel. Accordingly, they are both flexible, for easy turning out, and resistant. The top and bottom edges are rolled for easy handling. The size is engraved on the metal. Permanent markings enable an easy identification of the ring you need.

  • Ø 6 cm - Ø 32 cm
  • Material: stainless steel - 0,4 mm
  • Traditional oven cooking (max. 220°C)
  • Do not use metal or sharp objects in the mould.

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