de Buyer - Milady - Stainless Steel Frypan

de Buyer - Milady - Stainless Steel Frypan

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de Buyer - Milady - Stainless Steel Frypan

Stainless steel frypan perfect for frying, searing, flambeing food. Skirt without sharp corners. Polished finish

Milady, a de Buyer creation that is efficient and durable while showing elegance. Cookware made of professional quality stainless steel, thickness 0.6 mm. Riveted ergonomic long handle in cast stainless steel for a good effortless grip. Wide magnetic bottom suitable for all cooktops including induction. Perfect distribution of heat across the bottom of the container. Polished finish. Pouring rim.

  • Ø 24 - 28 cm
  • Reinforced stainless steel, old time finish
  • Traceability marking.
  • All cooktops including induction.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Occasional polishing with polishing paste to restore the original shine.
  • All cooktops including induction.

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