de Buyer - Mini Stewpan 9 cm - AFFINITY

de Buyer - Mini Stewpan 9 cm - AFFINITY

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de Buyer - Mini Stewpan 9 cm - AFFINITY

de Buyer - Mini Stewpan 9 cm - AFFINITY - Used for reheating or keeping dishes and accompaniments warm before serving, for cooking individual portions for immediate serving. Perfect for buffets. The Affinity range is available in mini sizes for an elegant and stylish presentation of dishes and accompaniments on the table. Stainless steel is easy to clean.

  • Ø 9 cm  H= 5 cm  L (with handle) 14,5 cm  V= 0,3 Liter
  • with stainless steel Lid
  • Innovative ultra-reactive material:thick multilayer and multimaterial (combination of st/steel & aluminium) on the bottom and the sides.
  • Robust one-piece construction.
  • Riveted ergonomic handles made of cast stainless steel.
  • Pouring lips
  • Made in France
  • Low temperature guaranteed handle.
  • Range designed in a modern and elegant style.
  • High-end mirror polishing.
  • Tip: increase temperature gradually.
  • Hygienic: it is dishwasher-safe.
  • Occasional outer polishing with polishing paste to restore the original glow.
  • All cooktops including induction.

AFFINITY - A multi-layer material of innovative hyper-reactive stainless steel, authentic fluid shapes, elegant design, professional quality, Affinity: professional cookware with exceptional cooking properties on all cooktops.

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