de Buyer - Rectangular fluted tart mould in 2 Sizes

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de Buyer - Rectangular fluted tart mould with removable bottom - non-stick

This tart mould with standard fluted rim and rectangular shape is used for baking original tarts and quiches. With its removable bottom, turning out is extremely simple, for a perfect presentation of pastries and cakes. Iron is the ideal heat diffuser and provides even baking, coupled with perfect caramelization for golden and crisp pastry. With a resistant, non-stick PFOA-free coating, turning out is easy and the iron is protected against oxidation. Grease the mould before use.

  • In 2 Sizes:
    L 20 cm x W 8 cm x H 2,7 cm
    L 35,5 cm x W 10,2 cm x H 2,7 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Traditional oven cooking (max. 220°C)
  • Not suitable for the microwave oven.
  • Do not use metal or sharp objects in the mould.
  • Normal hand-washing (non-abrasive sponge).
  • Not dishwasher-safe.

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