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de Buyer - CHOC EXTREME - Non-Stick round Pan without long handle - Twisty

de Buyer - CHOC EXTREME - Non-Stick round Pan without long handle - Twisty - The round non-stick Choc Extreme die-cast aluminium fry pan provides even and controlled cooking, especially for gently cooking delicate food such as certain types of fish. The exceptional non-stick performance of the coating lets you cook with very little fat. Very easy to clean with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge. The removable model features a fitting for the de BUYER removable long handle.
The Choc Extrême range is composed of cast aluminium cookware covered with a high end scratch-resistant non-stick coating, of professional and superior quality. de Buyer Choc Extrême cookware has a high inertia capacity and is perfect for simmering and stewing. Range suitable for induction cooking.

  • Choc Extrême: range of die cast aluminium cookware.
  • Good heat distribution, even and controlled cooking.
  • Superior quality non-stick coating, guaranteed PFOA-free, reinforced with ceramic and PTFE spraying.
  • Excellent non-stick properties. Longer life.
  • Extreme hardness: durable and undeformable cookware.
  • Robust magnetic bottom.
  • All cook tops including induction.
  • Ideal for simmering, reheating, warming, a special range for delicate cooking.

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