de Buyer - CHOC RESTO INDUCTION - Oval Fish Pan

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de Buyer - CHOC RESTO INDUCTION - Oval Fish Pan

This special oval fish pan is ideal for cooking whole fish, for keeping warm or for grilling on a salamander grill. With sturdy riveted flat handle.

Do not heat on its own or overheat. Avoid temperature shocks. Do not use metal objects in the cookware.
Care: wash by hand only, non-abrasive sponge. All cook tops including induction.

  • L 36 x W 26 cm (Ø B = 18 cm)  H= 4,3  cm  L =66 cm
  • Choc Resto Induction: non-stick professional range.
  • Extra thick aluminium for cookware that is undeformable by the power of induction.
  • Steady increase in temperature and uniform heat distribution.
  • Guaranteed PFOA-free PTFE 5 layer coating, for good scratch and heat resistance.
  • Optimal slip and non-stick properties: excellent performance for longer.
  • Induction special forged magnetic bottom
  • Riveted strip handle, French style curving.
  • All cook tops including induction.
  • Ideal for simmering, reheating, cooking and warming dishes.

The manufacturer does not guarantee the flatness of the floor, if the diameter of the heat source deviates more than 1,5cm in relation to the bottom of the pan. There are no restrictions for the use of iron pans on full surface induction and gas stoves.


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Length 36 cm
Width 26 cm
height 4,3 cm
Weight 1,7 kg

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