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de Buyer - Stainless steel Mould with foldable and with hinges

The first foldable mould that doesn’t lose its hinges.​ Created in partnership with Fabien Pairon, butcher-caterer MOF. 

  • A robust professional tool thanks to its stainless steel design. Do not distort.
  • All-in-one conception: riveted swinging latch. Not knockdown. Do not get lost.
  • Flat edge to set the paste.
  • Easy to use: once unfolded, it makes the cutting of the paste easier. Easy unmoulding.
  • The perforated model allows even cooking of the dough.
  • 3 sizes: domestic and professional models.
  • Perfect for PATE EN CROUTE (meat pies), but also for breads, brioches, ginger breads or cakes.
  • Can be associated with baking paper for oven cooking.
  • in 3 sizes
  • dishwasher-safe
  • Material: stainless steel


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